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Superior Sound Engineering

Hello and welcome to the home of Superior Sound Engineering. The company aims to bring an reliable and high quality service of both Sound Engineering and PA Hire.


SSE is able to supply a sound engineer service for any situation, from small ensembles and presentations to large concerts. A number of associated engineers (most degree qualified) are available for work covering all areas of music.

PA Hire

At the moment SSE offers smaller PA hire applications, with a variety of combinations; from small PA applications to a 4K Band Rig. A range of extra equipment including Microphones, outboard effects etc is available either for dry hire or with a experienced engineer.


In most cases SSE will directly supply an engineer from within the company. However, where this is not possible or appropriate, a freelance engineer may be utilized from our list, all of which come are known personally by the company.

Why SSE?

SSE's major advantage over most PA hire companies, is the reliability and security afforded by a PA hire with a qualified engineer. With the engineer on site, any problems can be immediately solved on the spot; by an experienced engineer with an excellent knowledge of the equipment. This gives piece of mind that your performance will not be affected by problems with the equipment.

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