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Bath Killer Bees

Although I believe all the information here to be true, I would not be surprised if my old mind has blurred some of them over the years. If you care to set me straight I will not take offence.Also some sections are obviously not complete - again a hand would be nice.

Most Bees games attended

Pat Snooks
All of them!

First Scorer

Olly Cruickshank
Vs Oxford Jan 1992

First Touchdown

Gary Buckley
Vs Oxford Jan 1992

Best performance by a QB while concussed from warm-up

Leon Gumpert
at Oxford Jan 1992

Most potential Touchdowns dropped
Easiest TD pass dropped

Dominic Brennan
Too many to count!

Fattest person running a crackback block

Miguel Gomez
Weighing in at about 18 stone
at Bristol, Feb 1992

Most opponents careers ended with a single legal hit

Matt Warner

Biggest Change in Haircut

Pete Magill
Long-haired rocker mop to skinhead!

Highest Luminecense (sp?) while sleeping

Playoff trip to UEA/Aber 1997

Strangest Pregame ritual

Wayne Davis
Sleeping with helmet the night before the game

Fattest boy in the backfield ever

Tom Weld
Vs Bristol 1999

Strangest combination of starting positions played in a game

Dominic Brennan

Best use of random equipment

Jon Moore
Swimming goggles to keep in contact lenses

Best Football Names

Carlton Cumberbatch
A.J. McClumpha

Unreasonably tall award

Joel(sorry don't know his surname)

Best confession

Jason Blight (T)
"Pat, I haven't made a block all half!"

Loudest snore

Andy Cooper
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