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SSE was set up in late 2000 by Pete Davies, firstly just involving Pete himself as a freelance engineer. From that it is developing into a complete sound engineering and PA hire company, drawing on a pool of experienced individuals in various fields.

Below is a quick run down of some of the bands and venues that SSE has provided engineering for over the course of 2001.....

Victor Mendoza
The Barnstormers (ex FM, Rainbow)
Manchester Walkabout (resident Jan-Jun 2001)
Apitos "The Big 'un" (Dave Hassell, Andy Scott et al)
Channel 4's Big Breakfast, Live Broadcast
Igor Belsky
Salford University Big Band
Andy Prior
Reading Walkabout (resident Nov 2001 - present)
Manchester Night & Day Cafe
Band on the Wall, Manchester
Manchester Roadhouse
This isn't Me
The Slaves
Groovy Revolution/Four Miles Out
CK Mung
Run For Cover
One less than none
Salford Millenium Concert
Here & Now
3's A Crowd, Cereal Killer
Free Flow
Val Hooligan
Green Hot Clover

Flynn, The Rockets, The Jokers, Union Jack, Soltice, The Urchins, Blue Moose, LadyKillers, White Lyze, OKTC, The Whickermen, Lee Holt, The Strawberries, Trouser Trombones, Matt Darwin Trio, Stuart Avery, The Redemption, Fury 161, Peloquin, Crisis.

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