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It's Life Jim, but not as we know it!

What's going down in groove town.

Well, enough of random quotes from sci-fi series. Here is an up to date version of recent life.
Three years of toil and putting up with living in the hole that is Salford (twinned with Beirut) it turned out to all be worth it. I got my degree - a 2:1 in Music Acoustics and Recording and set out into the wide world of employment once again. Fortunately I landed square on my feet - starting the Monday after graduation at Matinee in Reading. 'Tis quite a fun place to be, though the ravages of the M4 can depress now and again.

Also my living arrangements have changed and I am now a dodgy lodger at "Chez Barbary" in Feltham along with JB. Scott - we appreciate it greatly.
So there we go - a very potted history of the recent months,

See YA!


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