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All About Pete
I see no ships!

Well, here's the lowdown on the sites author, planner, maintainance type person and all the rest of that.

Mostly these days, I am now working after studying Music Acoustics and Recording in Salford University; which is both good and bad. Good since it means I landed a studio job and I'm (kinda) enjoying it, bad because it now means I have to get up in the mornings.

Still, I just need to remind myself of those fun days answering the phone for HSBC bank and it doesn't seem so bad.

Most of my time is taken up with Music, Sport (particularly American Football) and spending time with my friends - the best set of mates anyone could ask for - even if it does usually mean I have to drink (like that's a drawback!!!).

Then I suppose comes the TV, Simpsons, Friends and just about any sport (I'm no stranger to Darts, Snooker or even Bowls if there is nothing better to do) and the fun (if sometimes stressful) games on the PC (Xwing and Counter Strike rate pretty high), which is far to addictive for my own good.

Some links below for a bit more info.

The Early Years

The Bath Uni Years

The Cardiff Uni Years

The Working Years

The Salford Uni Years

The present Day

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