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The Cardiff Uni Years

During the summer of '93, I was on placement in Parke Davis in Pontypool, working in a Chemistry Lab and I realised that it DEFINATELY wasn't what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. However, the thought of just dragging through and getting a degree and moving on from there seemed like a good idea. So with a little cajoling it was off to Cardiff University for a retake of my second year.
Now the problem here was that Cardiff have an american football team as well. And also the people off the chemistry course that year were a boring lot, and so guess which one was more fun. Many nights on the sofa in Chris & Taff's flat later, another failure occured this time with no chance of a second second chance. So the only thing to do? Change course completely , go to Glamorgan Uni and try Mech Eng. At least there I realised that it just wasn't worth it early on and I packed it in after a term. Still - it meant another year of football with the Cobras.... And so, as a college drop-out it was out into the big wide world to try and earn some pennies.

Off to Work

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