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The Bath Uni Years

So in September '91 it was off to Bath, talk about a bitter sweet first day.....
Off to college for a rockin first day - beer when I wanted, no control BUT Wales lost to Western Samoa in the World Cup, I'll always remember me and my dad getting really upset over the controversial try while sat in Norwood Coffee shop. Anyway that's where it started and pretty soon I met some strange people who still haven't gone away yet. I remember (through the drunken haze) standing in the Beehive during the fresher's week pub crawl with Jon Asprey and some joker called Matt Warner and saying how unlikely it was that we all had ended up there at that time.
Sure enough it was unlikely, but the people I met during those two years are still without a doubt my best friends. Although the first year studying wasn't exactly fun, I got through it basically on my wits and a little work. During April '92, I pulled on kit for the first time to play a senior game of football, (by which I mean I stood on the sideline all day as Bath played Gwent in a preseason). Still you gotta start somewhere. In the second year however, my priorities tended away from Chemistry as I was chairman, captain and initially coach of the all new Bath Killer Bees. Big hand going out to Stevie Bamford, Matt Warner and Andy McKay for that first year, I don't think any of us could of done it without the other three..... And to Pat "Le Snookster Formidableu" Snooks for taking us through that first year - and every one since.
When the inevitable failure of the Chemistry course arrived, I rode off into the West Country twilight, never to return to Bath.
Now that's just a lie!

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Off to Cardiff

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