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The Early Years

On July 17th, 1973, I came into being in Newport, South Wales.
Ummm, what happened then... well my earliest clear memory is my 4th birthday party, which was very memorable because I had a Mr. Nosey (of the Mr. Men) birthday cake. Pretty soon after that it was off to school - Rougemont in Newport, which had the pleasure of my attendance for 14 years right through to my A level's. So are school days the happiest of your life? Don't know about that, but I can't complain, I had some good friends there and generally had a really good time.
The music and sport bugs hit early on in life, I started learning piano at 7, and even though I didn't continue past Grade 1 (which I did twice for some strange reason) I kept playing regularly. During my early teens I had electric organ lessons which, although I sat no exams for, made me a far better player and taught me loads about chord theory and that sort of thing - first big thankyou going out to Clive Wallace. Also I started playing guitar first on my dad's HUGE Acoustics and then at about 14 I got given my first electric - a wonderful Marlin Slammer, and a practice amp I still use today.
Sport consisted mainly of rugby, playing mini rugby from about 7 and playing pretty much every game the school had while I was there. It took me until the age of 16 and over 100 games for the school before scoring my first try - such is a forwards life. Shortly after that try, I moved out to Centre for my last few games. I also played tennis regularly and Cricket for the school as well as dabbling with other sports but in January 1985, a much stronger bug bit....
On Jan 20th when I was supposed to be in bed, I stayed up and watched Superbowl XIX . And saw the 49ers take apart the Dolphins, despite the presense of a great 2nd year QB named Dan Marino. After that there was no stopping football. My sympathy for the Dolphins that day has made me a fan for the last 15 years. You'll find more on this in the more obvious 'football' section.

So by August 91, I had gained 10 GCSE's , 3 'A' Levels and left Rougemont school with a smile to go to Bath University to study Chemistry...Hang on, CHEMISTRY? Are you mad?

On to Bath

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