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Scott Barbary: Landlord extrodinaire!

Nobody quite knows the first time Scott came to the Beehive, for all we know he was always there. But somehow during our second year in Bath, he would regularly arrive just before TNG in the TV lounge, and spend the night in an orange haze in our favourite pub.
Shortly he after he became the person most likely to be at Killer Bee 'training seesions' in the Roundhouse on a saturday; even though he was never really one of the team , he really is one of the team...if you catch my drift.
Since then Scott has hosted many a fun party, has a big TV and lots of PC's; and earns more and more money by doing less and less work. That said - his hospitality cannot be doubted, as myself and Jason are finding out at the moment.
I have many nasty photos of Scott - soon to be unleashed here.

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