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Live Engineering

SSE is primarily a live engineering company - though it offers other services. Here's an overview of how we can help...

Engineer Hire

We understand that a performance is of paramount importance, and that anything which can ease the worries of a speaker, artist or band with help to ensure the best outcome. With this in mind SSE sets out to provide a professional and polished engineering performance for every situation. Drawing on a pool of highly trained and experienced engineers from across the UK; every situation can be catered for.

Combined PA and Engineer

Solve all your gig problems by hiring both tha PA and engineer through SSE. The engineer will then be able to set and mix so that you can concentrate on the performance!

PA Hire

Whether you need a small compact system, or an earth shaking band rig, SSE offers you the opportunity to put together the right setup for your performance. As well as front of house PA, we also can provide, mixers. microphones, outboard effects and all necessary cabling for any situation. Hire details

Friendly Advice

Not sure what PA to get? Queries with live set up? Using effects? Life in general? While we do stop short of being the reserve samaritans, we're happy enough to pass on our knowledge about most matters.... Ask SSE!

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