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Recent Events

All the latest news from the world of SSE appear here. Some significant, some not so......

Jemfest UK

Date: October 27th
Location: Kensington, London
A celebration of Ibanez guitars. Four bands plus a few jams and extra bits and bobs made for a long but very enjoyable day for Pete at Jemfest. Time for yet another lot of gear to be used, a whole bunch of new outboard and more. The bands were One less than none, Cereal Killer, Igor Belsky's Band and Dragonheart. More details and pics are here.

M1 Fun

Date: September 21st
Location: Leeds
Gig with 5 piece band "Run for Cover" (nothing to do with Sugarbabes I promise!). A long trip in the van up the M1 for a fun night. A whole bunch of SSE types (including boss Pete Davies) playing in the band, Ian Corcoran pushing the faders. A good test out of some of the new gear including the huge (and rather heavy) Soundtracs 32:4 desk. A fun time was had by all!

Latest additions

In the ever increasing scheme of things, more new additions to the SSE equipment arrived recently. A new main multicore (24:4) arrived - causing many a strained back, along with a huge boost to the seemingly endless leads and connector phenomenon taking up space. More mics on the horizon and maybe even another desk. A small sample of this can be viewed here

Degree time

Back in June, Pete got his degree in Music Acoustics and Recording from Salford Uni, and is very proud of it. please make him feel better by having a look here

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