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Bath Killer Bees

A Brief history, from a certain point of view

Back in the early months of 1992, a few sad individuals would gather in the wind rain and fog and try their best to play American football as the rest of the people on campus recovered from their hangovers. Steve Bamford - who must shoulder the majority of the blame for this, then proceeded to persuade the AU that it would be a good idea to let us start a team, and told the league that we would be ready to play in October.

And so the Killer Bees were born. And life has never quite been the same.

A while back down the Sportsman's, Carly made the point that The Bees are like Hotel California - you can check out any time you like , but you can never leave... and so it has seemed. The old boys still keep in good contact, still get wet and cold watching the team, and knacker ourselves out by beating the present team in the old boys games (most years!). Back to the plot... In autumn 1992, a strange gathering of folk gathered to play against Southampton Stags. We had drafted in Pat Snooks from the Gladiators as head coach and were ready to get out there and get a result. And we did, we lost 70-0.
The Stags won the College Bowl that year, without conceeding a point, and scoring an average of 68, so I guess we kinda did OK.
I could go into great and diverse detail about the other games that year and since. But all that is documented well elsewhere. My commitment to the Bees has stayed strong over the years, Although I missed quite a few games, while I was playing and coaching for Cardiff even now I can't resist the temptation to jump in the car and drive the 200 miles to Bath on a Sunday morning when there is a game on. At a rough guess, I would say only about half a dozen people have been to more Bees games, maybe a bit of research should be done...(Matt? Jon? this may be fun when we have some spare time in the pub!)
Even though people have been to more, I'd like to think that I have travelled more miles to see the Bees than anyone, from Wales for years and then a 400 mile trip from Manchester.
And long may it continue....


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